Microsoft Spartan

After the final presentation of Microsoft's Network began a lively discussion of the new browser called Spartan, which should be a good alternative to the existing Internet Explorer. However, despite the positioning Spartan as a quality product, it still remained to some questions.

One of the main questions asked by users regarding the support of the new browser extensions. Naturally, it was assumed that these extensions will be able to compete with the capabilities of such browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

As we remember, at a press conference, Microsoft did not mention the possibility of installing extensions to the browser Spartan. However, after some time the company from Redmond said in a Twitter-account that their team is working on an extension for Spartan.

"We're already working on the possibility of the installing extensions to the browser Project Spartan", - representatives of the company wrote in Twitter.

Support for extensions, most likely due to the desire to create a Microsoft really high-quality product that will not associate users with Internet Explorer.

Recall that, according to preliminary tests, the browser Spartan, even if they are in the development stage, already bypasses performance Internet Explorer.


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