Raspberry Pi 2

Producer of the popular Raspberry Pi has released an updated version of a mini-computer. New Raspberry Pi 2 promises to six times better performance compared to the first model. Microcomputer designed Raspberry Pi Foundation in Britain, no larger than a conventional credit card. The device was designed as an inexpensive alternative to a personal computer designed for the promotion of computer science in schools.

Last summer, the company announced that since the launch of Raspberry Pi (February 2012) has sold more than three million units. In all there were four versions of the Raspberry Pi, namely the Model A, Model A +, Model B and Model B +. They all work on the processor Broadcom BCM2835.

The main difference Raspberry Pi 2 is to use the new Broadcom BCM2836 chip with four cores Cortex A7, and RAM of 1 GB that is twice the previous best configuration.

The company said that the Raspberry Pi 2 will be supported by Windows 10, after "working closely with Microsoft». Compatible version of the operating system will be available for free to developers. The site windows.com says that it will be a version for devices from the category "Internet of Things". That means no support standard Windows interface 10.

Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton says that the Raspberry Pi 2 will cost as much as now stands Model B +, which is $ 35. According to him, 100,000 units of Pi 2 is already waiting for their customers, and plant capacity Sony allow to produce "a thousand copies a day."


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