Alcatel One Touch

The company Alcatel, in addition to its main novelties brought to MCW 2015 is also the prototype of its new Smartphone, which will run on Windows 10 on phone. We has previously reported that the manufacturer is goingon to release a line of devices that will accomodate a three smartphone models with different screen sizes and operating systems.

Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 - a prototype of the first unit of the universal ruler. The sample, which was brought to the conference, and worked on the basis of the first preview build of Windows 10 for Phone. Unfortunately, no details on this unit is not known.

The fact that this is only a prototype confirms the old logo on the button "home" and a lot of system applications for the interaction of different parts of the smartphone.
The fact that Alcatel experimenting with Windows 10 - it is a pretty good sign. Recall that in addition to Windows Phone, the device line OneTouch Pixi will work on Android and Firefox OS.


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