MIcrosoft and Pay-Me Launching a New Credit Card Reader

Hi guys... i have a news from Microsoft and Pay-Me.....
Corporation Microsoft, together with Pay-Me, which is engaged in mobile payments, are working on a new product Pay-Me 2, which combines Chip and PIN - the terminal and application for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1.

At this point, the first version of Pay-Me allows you to make payments using mPOS-terminal ceonnected to a device on Windows, iOS or Android. Pay-Me 2.0 can connect to the device over Bluetooth, in contrast to the old version, which worked when connected via a standard 3.5 mm Jack.

The system will work with the two main type of Card : Visa and MasterCard, as using both magnetic strip and chip. for chip card support processing PIN-code for better Protection payments..

in addition, be able too use NFC and PayPass, and will be added in the future synchronization with Apple Pay.

"The proposed solution Pay-Me on the Microsoft platform radically transforms the field of mobile acquiring. In place of expensive and inconvenient payment terminals come available and easy to use with innovate solutions that transform a normal mobile phone into a device for receiving payments.
I have no doubt that this proposal opens up great oppotunities, especially for small and medium business, for which question the cost-effectiveness is always a priority, even more so today. "


Ricky Haryanto said... March 17, 2015 at 8:17 PM

Niceeee guys

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