2017 planned mass production of flying cars. Company AeroMobil from Bratislava announced plans to start mass production of flying cars in 2017.

This was its CEO Juraj Vaculik spoke at the festival South by Southwest in Austin, reports Daily Mail.
Modern design aeromobile includes folding wings and allows the unit to take off from a grassy lawn or a flat straight road. To do this, the machine requires about 200 meters razgonochnoy band.

The four-cylinder petrol engine ROTAX 912 aeromobile latest version allows him to fly a full tank of up to 700 kilometers at speeds from 60 to 200 kilometers per hour. In the body of the car is used carbon fiber. The mass of the airplane is equal to 450 kilograms, its length is six meters, and the width (with folded wings) - 1.6 meters.

The design allows you to accommodate two people: the pilot and passenger. For the pilot requires a special permit. The plans include the creation of a four Vaculik and unmanned versions of the machine (in the current version of the two rear seats occupied wings folded), as well as the resolution of legal issues of its operation in the EU.

Vaculik flying car project has been since 1990. In 2013, in Montreal, he showed the first working prototype of the car, and in 2014, in Vienna, - its improved version. The cost of the first aircar, is expected to be several hundred thousand euros. Later AeroMobil hopes to reduce it.

Source : vsenovosti.net


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