iNAND 7132
iNAND 7132
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now, i want to share about SanDisk iNAND 7132.
SanDisk iNAND 7132 is the memory for new generation of mobile devices with high bandwidth. this year, SandDIsk Corporation bought to Barcelona iNAND flash driver 7132 for data storage, which is designed for use in flagship mobile device. architecture of iNAND 7132 is equipped with SanDisk iNAND accelerator architecture technology SmartSLC - the storage architecture that provides high performance for the most demanding application. iNAND 7132 is available in capacities up to 64 GB and allow OEMs to integrate it into a new generation of the Smartphones, tablet and other devices with high throughput.

iNAND 7132 is the ideal solution for high-capacity data storage in the next generation of smartphones, tablets and smart devices and the storage solution that delivers extreme performance for faster shooting pictures and recording 4K Ultra HD video easily supports the latest 802.11 standards and allows incredibly fast access Data with side loading.

iNAND 7132 is based on nanometer NAND technology 1Y 3-bits per cell (X3) proprietary SanDisk. Using it together with SmartSLC technology enables the end user to sequentially record the data at a rate of up to 1 GB per second or higher, which increases the productivity even with the most volume of  data, including image, video, and mobile applications, including games. Supported network standards 802.11ac and 802.11ad. When using optimized solutions, performance iNAND 7132 corresponds to the  class of professional digital photography features, including shooting in RAW, recording and playback 4K Ultra HD video. Testing was conducted by the agency Granite River Labs, which showed that iNAND Accelerator greatly affects the performance of the smartphone.

In addition to the new architecture, storage solution iNAND 7132 uses e.MMC 5.0+ specification and is equipped with error correction technology hardware and software, which increases its endurance and speed of response, reducing delays. For the end user, this means maintaining high speed operation of the device even in cases where the memory is close to filling. 7132 iNAND is optimized to work with devices based on Android, Chrome and Windows.Specifications solutions iNAND 7132:constructed on the basis of e.MMC 5.0+ HS400;speed sequential read / write up to 125/280 MB / s;equipped with the tools to improve application architecture, which reduces the delay playback and support consistent performance;supports up to 3 frames per second in the format RAW image capture;Available in sizes 11.5 x 13 x 0.8 mm, which allows you to integrate the solution into thin receivers.

Nowadays, there is an increase in appetite information among smartphone users, which is largely due to the creation and consumption of Advanced Media. Shooting 4K-video and images, which weigh a million megapixel digital download books, tons of letters, listening to music offline, storage and retrieval of documents - now it's all available on the smartphone. This trend has led to the immediate need of flash memory, which not only increases power, but also provides better performance and greater reliability than traditional MLC flash memory. SanDisk meets the needs of all of these three important areas for its innovative iNAND EFD 7132 decision. It works not only in configurations of large vessels, but also resets the job immediately after reloading the application, opening the door for an absolutely unique and new experience with the device, "- said Neil Shah, research director at analyst firm Counterpoint, Department of devices and ecosystems.

In addition, SanDisk at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has introduced a new memory card SanDisk Ultra microSDXCTM UHS-I Premium Edition 200 GB - microSD-card with the largest capacity in the world for use in mobile devices. Has also been shown card SanDisk High Endurance MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC, designed specifically for DVRs and home monitoring systems. Finally, the new mobile Flash Drives: Dual Drive USB SanDisk device with built-in Type C and flash drive called 128GB iXpandTM.


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