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In late February, we told you about how Kickstarter-campaign in support of the release of a new model of smart hours Pebble Time has collected 1 million dollars in just 40 minutes. Since then passed last month, and the organizers Crowdfunding-action summed up the work done. So, how much funds they managed to collect over 30 days? It turned out that Pebble Time became the most successful product in the history of the site Kickstarter.

For 30 days, during which anyone could make enough money to get smart hours Pebble Time of the very first party organizers Crowdfunding campaign collected the amount of 20,338,986 dollars. Yes, you heard right - a new watch Pebble overcome the bar at 20 million. This is a new record for all projects Kickstarter.

But here we must not forget that the clock is always accompanied Pebble luck. After the first watch model in his time also set a record by collecting on Kickstarter amount of 10,266,845 dollars. Since then, it took almost three years, and that results were improved by almost two times.

The first watch model has sold over 1 million copies as of December 2014. I wonder what will be the amount of the lucky owners of a new watch Pebble Time, bearing in mind that only one Crowdfunding campaign was attended by more than 78 000 people who are guaranteed to get the clock in the summer of 2015.


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