Apple Watch

Before the official announcement Apple Watch around smart hours from the American company there were a lot of rumors about the existence of the functions of monitoring data on the health of users. Not all of these features have been implemented in the resulting product, but Apple Watch still collect a lot of data on biometric performance of their respective owners. In this regard, the question arises, how tested a new device? US broadcaster ABC presented a story about a secret facility where were tested new smart watches and their functions in connection with the definition of the parameters of the human body. In the video under the cut demonstrated how Apple Watch tested with the participation of representatives of the focus group.

In the study, test subjects had to do yoga, rowing, running and other types of physical activity. On the test participants were put on special masks that measure the intensity of respiration at different stages of training. It is interesting that the representatives of the focus group had no idea what they are testing.

"The participants knew that testing a product, but did not even have the idea that we are talking about Apple Watch. Watch, worn on the wrist, were hidden so that they could not see," said  Jeff Williams the Vice President of Apple.

In addition, the engineers of Cupertino sent the device to the test in Alaska and Dubai, to live to see the behavior of the device in harsh weather conditions.

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