Team Voxel8 Harvard has created 3D-printer that prints fully functioning electromechanical equipment. The device uses a special software that allows you to create objects with the workload and space for embedded electronic components. Voxel8 printer is the first of its kind and marks significant progress in the field of 3D-printing.

A team of engineers Voxel8 demonstrated their achievements at the exhibition CES-2015 in Las Vegas. The possibility of 3D-printer with two print heads have been shown by the example of a fleet operating quadrocopter. Here, the printer is shown at work:

The principle of the new device is not different from most of 3D-printers, except for some moments. Its extruder uses conductive inks that can print workloads and embedded in crafts missing electronic components. Conductive silver paste has been specially designed in the laboratory at Harvard University.

Printer software was created in partnership with Autodesk - the world's largest supplier of software for architects, engineers, designers. This partnership has allowed to realize big idea Voxel8 in life.

Perhaps the most interesting in this printer is that typing it leaves room for electronic components. Once you install the required components on the board, it will connect them with the conductive pattern. By pressing the device will continue from the point at which the printing process was interrupted.


Immediately after the show 3D-printer Voxel8 went on sale. Its price - $ 9,000. Deliveries are expected in the second half of 2015. Orders are accepted here. voxel8.co


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