Presented a smart watch that can work 30 days on a single charge. The main problem with most "smart" watches is very short battery life.

Apple Watch, for example, be able to work only about 18 hours. Counterparts Android Wear show approximately the same results, forcing their owners almost daily to put on the accessory charge. Vector company presented its "smart" watches, which according to the manufacturer will be able to work on a single charge up to 30 days without having to recharge.

The combination of software and hardware with the traditional watch design allowed us to create an elegant and "smart" watches, which intuitively integrated with your personal life. This is a welcome piece of jewelry that shows the time and aims to offer you the necessary information at the right time and in the right form.

Watches by Vector equipped with a monochrome display is constantly active, which will be displayed new notifications from your smart phone. As a saver, you can use classic or digital dial, and a set of sensors will constantly monitor your activity. Also, the device has a waterproof housing that can withstand the pressure of 5 atmospheres. The watch strap has a standard 22 mm mounting. Clocks can be used with devices running on the Android, the iOS and  the Windows Phone.

The manufacturer offers three versions of hours:

Ltd Edition Luna in a round silver case with a black nylon strap for $ 349

Ltd Edition Luna in a round black case with a brown leather strap for $ 349;

Ltd Edition Meridian in a rectangular silver case with a black nylon strap for $ 199.
You can pre-order on official website of the company.


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