Nomi Smart Cuff

Who today can surprise smart watches? Perhaps only those who still limit technological evolution considers quartz watches Montana, the main "chip" which was the presence of sixteen different signals budilnika.Nu and those who at least polglaza follows the development of technology, it is clear that such a smart watch what they do, how to look and what they can.

But just a few days ago there was an exhibition in Antwerp MWCII, which annually presents bold concepts and startups IT-industry. At the exhibition, as a rule, show concepts, which today can be widely used and have all annonsirovannym functionality.
One of the devices, which excited the IT-community became cuffs Nomi Smart Cuff, combines the functionality of a smart phone and high-grade watches.

Externally, Smart Cuff resembles a bracelet with a very thin profile. Interaction with the cuff of Nomi is carried out by means of a touch screen, which fills the entire surface of the device.

The manufacturer claims that the production of a multilayer polymer screen which allows you to tailor the display to fit the hands of the owner. By itself, the screen is Super AMOLED technology, which ensures a comfortable fit to the device even in direct sunlight. At the presentation demonstrated a proprietary technology which adapts the brightness, color and contrast according to the weather conditions, light conditions, time of day, as well as the task that is currently performing device.

The problem with the battery life, and even with such a large screen, the developers of Nomi decided by covering the surface of the cuff six-nanomaterial «Solar Invert», which allows you to convert sunlight into electrical energy. On assurance of developers, energy produced is enough to significantly reduce the load on the battery and increase the battery life of up to five days.

The device can display SMS messages, correspondence from messengers and social networking, mail, news, and, thanks to the microphone and speaker, the user can receive incoming calls. In addition, the cuff can be used as a fitness bracelet. Thus, the user can keep track of the distance traveled, calories burned, and heart rate monitor built-in optical displays heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and oxygen saturation.

Smart Cuff

Manage cuff as you can with a touch screen and via voice assistant "Axis".

Cuff can be used as a supplement to the smartphone, and as a single smartphone. Most of the existing smart hours for calls require additional headset. The device uses technology from Nomi, which we first saw in the Google Glass - microvibration that are recognized by the brain as sound. Built-in microphone provides excellent sound quality even in noisy environments.

Smart cuffs from Nomi -the first of a new generation of devices. In connection with this application for patenting shape and design Nomi Smart Cuff already been submitted to the International Patent Office.

 Currently, this concept has attracted the attention of "Allo", which is interested in start-up initiatives and the development of technological innovation. With the words of the head of development Allo Andrei Pimenov, time-constrained devices funkionalom passed, consumers nuzhdatsya solutions that will reduce rather than increase the number of gadgets that consumers constantly have to yourself. Therefore, the company Allo suggests that the extended feature-rich multimedia Bracelet - cuffs - will be a technological breakthrough, as in due time became the plates, in the world of gadgets.

Development of the device will be financed Allo, ensuring exclusivity of supply unit at the beginning of 2016 in the online store Allo.

The estimated cost of the device - about 20 000 UAH.


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