Windows OS

Despite the fact that OS X is the most secure operating system in the world, some Mac users sometimes have to be installed on their machines Windows, as there are applications and services that can only work in the system from Microsoft. Recently Satya Nadella Corporation announced that it will distribute the new Windows 10 for free, but, as we expected, without pitfalls there hasn't been. on 30th March 2015, the company announced the terms of an upgrade to "tens" and these conditions are clearly not in favor of the Mac.

So, in order to free upgrade to Windows 10, you must be the owner of PC based on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. Users of older software will first have to upgrade to versions mentioned above, and then install the free Windows 10. If the buyer purchased a computer without an OS, and make sure to install from the scratch, it will have to fork out.

The group will get frustrated and corporate customers who do not have free upgrade to the tenth version of "windows" and users of computers based on The OS X. To Mac owners could run Microsoft's new system using Boot Camp or virtual machines, it will need to purchase and no other options. I wonder whether you have spoiled the mood of this news?


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