iPhone 5S

Apple is constantly striving to do better than the iPhone's camera. This axiom confirms new patent. The company is trying to issue rights to the technology, which will allow more realistic shoot pictures even in low light conditions.

The document, prepared by the manufacturer this week, describes a module that is inserted into the body of portable devices (not just smartphones but also tablets) and representing something resembling a normal prism. This prism is able to divide the light into three color (wavelength) of red, green and blue (RGB) - Color and direct each to a separate matrix for processing. Processing of each color individually important to gain a better color and detail, the authors believe the patent application.

iPhone Patent xam 2

A similar technique, as reported by the media, has been used before, but not in smartphones, but in larger and more reputable camcorders. Now the "splitter" module introduced to the phone. Thanks to its L-shaped form component easily hide in even the finest gadget.

It is also worth noting that the L-shaped module provides installation and multiple lenses - to focus the image and zoom. That is the new iPhone models will not only trehsensornuyu new camera, but also a new "zoom-glass." The only question is when ... ???


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