New 4K-monitor from EIZO

Company EIZO introduced 23.8-inch ColorEdge CG248-4K. New supports resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160) and is designed for professionals who work with video and foto. Screen ColorEdge CG248-4K has the largest lineup ColorEdge density of pixels per inch - 185 ppi: photos in 4K resolution, alphanumeric characters and the outlines of the images will look on it as much as possible precisely. Novelty is equipped with built-in sensor for automatic calibration and offers two specialized programs for fine-tuning: ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX.

With this software you can set the brightness, gamma curve and white balance, and the result is stored in the ICC-profile. Utility ColorNavigator 6 comes with the monitor, and ColorNavigator NX can free download on the website of the company. For remote control parameters ColorEdge CG248-4K and some other monitors line ColorEdge manufacturer provides service ColorNavigator Network. It is safe 'cloud' solution allows network administrators to remotely monitor the performance monitors that run ColorNavigator NX. Novelty is equipped with IPS-panel with LED backlight. The color scheme of the device covers 99% palette Adobe RGB, 100% palettes Rec. 709, EBU and SMPTE-C, 77% palette Rec. 2020 and 93% DCI.

Developers managed to achieve accurate color reproduction, so ColorEdge CG248-4K suitable for a wide range of tasks, including post-production. The monitor is ready for use after just three minutes after switching on: during this time the level of brightness and tonality reach their constant values. For comparison, the normal display would require at least 30 minutes. Specialists EIZO technology used in the new product Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE), which provides a uniform brightness and color at a value of Delta-E 3 or less. This technique retains the brightness and color temperature of the picture at the same level in the case of ambient light fluctuations.

On the front panel are buttons by which to enlarge any section of the screen. This function will be convenient for photographers who need to carefully consider the fine details of a photo or verify the accuracy of the focus. ColorEdge CG248-4K streamlined design is perfect for any working environment. This model is not only attractive, but also practical: it is equipped with LED backlight keys, carrying handle, fastening the cable on the back and three-port USB 3.0. With the stand you can adjust the height of the monitor 150 mm, change the angle of 40 °, to transfer the device from landscape to portrait orientation and rotate around a vertical axis by 344 °. For switching provides two ports and a pair of DisplayPort 1.2 ports HDMI. Glare shield protects a special visor. The novelty will be available in April 2015. The Program ColorNavigator Network is already available.


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