hi guys..
now.. i will give u new information about an unique keyboard computer..
The convensional computer keyboard are quite cumbersome. How not cool, and there's nothing you can do about it, as a standart set of key can't be changed. But Often the same happen, when they don't need porposut. Whether at home or in the office, the situation in which you need only two of four keys to complete your work, there often enought. When you play computer game, just enought 5 keys, and the remaining 20+ just take up space on your computer desk.

Move on to more serious things. People working with graphic program, audio studio, video instalation, don't always use the entire keyboard, as there is no need. that is not very convenient when you have a graphics tablet on a desk, or mixer, near which still need to stick a small table keyboard from which need only one key, which is sometimes necessary to press.

Thus, the guys on Tokyo in a very cool device self-adjusting, modular keyboard. select the number of keys, combine several modules together, assign each key to have effect and change its image.


Trickey is a completely new way to create its own keyboard. You can completely customize the keys from the scratch! In Trickey, itself a separate button, and the entire unit with the slots are independent chips. thus, if you assign any button to "in" in the place on the module, you would not have moved it, it still will be "in". This fully programable keyboard with its own software on your computer. You can also program a key combination such as "a combination of Ctrl + S». Each unit 2x3 - a board with sockets for installing individual keys. If you want a larger keyboard, you can collect a large fee, combining blocks of each other, as a designer. 

Trickey has a removeble transparant top cover. you can download the design templates for a keys on the official website, or create your own image. Rather unique, interesting an necessary thing. Crowdfunding on the team expects to collect $ 30 000 for a full run. Just for the first few days were collected 9 000. There were still those who waited a long time such a device.


Berbagi Semua Kebaikan said... March 14, 2015 at 11:44 AM

Nice trick and wonderfull thank for share this.

kunjungan dari berbagi semua kebaikan.

ajakan follow dan tukar link jika berkenan

Yomand said... March 14, 2015 at 3:20 PM

wah..lumayan gan :D ,,mkasih artikelnya :D

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