After the acquisition of Facebook Oculus VR many have racked my brain: how it is possible to combine virtual reality and social networks? Put forward different versions, ranging from obsessive virtual advertising, ending virtual sex. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg decided to dispel some of the fears of the people and spoke to the press with a small presentation about the future of Facebook.

As it turned out, the first step in the implementation of the ecosystem Oculus Rift Facebook become panoramic video viewing angle of full 360 degrees. Mark showed those present at the press conference, journalists slide on which was depicted a logical diagram of the evolution of impression a person social network. First on the list are text impressions, then photos, videos, and finally, virtual and augmented reality. They, according to Mark, can maximize the transfer emotions from visiting different parts of the Earth, if you sit at home and for some reason can not go there in person.

The second important step Zuckerberg considers the integration of virtual reality in the news column (News Feed), where some users will be able through the headset Oculus Rift see what other users have seen. Users can add panoramic video directly on your wall in Facebook, as anyone in the presence of his headset and software will be able to go back to the place where the video was recorded.

Whatever it was, no one can promise that concerns about the introduction of intrusive 3D-advertising in these videos once become a harsh reality. But Zuckerberg on this score slyly silent. As they say, wait and - we'll see. After all, even until the headset Oculus Rift no official release date has got that really nothing to talk about some social networks.


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