Japan plans to build a telescope to observe black holes. Japanese scientists presented their ambitious plans that will come close to answering many questions about black holes.

To this end, in September this year, Japan will begin construction of a telescope with a diameter of the lens in the 23 meters, which will be one of seven such devices located throughout the world and connected into a single system.
Set the first Japanese high-precision telescope planned for the Spanish Canary Islands.

Experts from the University of Tokyo, at which operates a research center for the study of cosmic rays, will be at the head of a large-scale project. Mirror Telescope assemble from nearly 200 individual segments.

According to scientists, the creation of such a complex structure will allow more detailed study of the phenomenon of cosmic rays, as well as the mysteries of black holes.
Add that last year Japan participated in a joint project with the Americans for the construction of a giant telescope atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea. Its mirror will consist of 500 segments, and the diameter of more than 30 meters.


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