PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

The spectacular succes of Sony PlayStation 4 continues. Japanese company according to its official statement at GDC 2015, it was possible as of March 1, to sell to users already 20.2 milion of these consoles since it launch in November 2013. Sony claims that the PS4 Shows the fastes and most powerful sales growth in the history of PlayStation. Currently console in 123 countries and region around the world.

Previous official voiced sales figures PS4 - 18,5 million units as of January 4th. Thus, over the past two months, Sony managed to sell 1.7 million more consoles - is impressive when you consider that we are talking about the most inactive in terms of consumer demand months.

"We are very grateful to PlayStation fans around the world for the extraordinary support, and indeed bow to the players who continue to opt for PS4, - said the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House (Andrew House). - We remain steadfast in seeking to provide players a unique and entertaining interactive environment that supports the network and deep social opportunities PS4 ».

Sony is definitely a leader in the competition of the current generation of consoles, although sales continue to bypass the Xbox One Xbox 360 corresponding figures for the same period after launch. In November 2014, Microsoft announced that it managed to ship to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One.


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