Once all the videos on YouTube were short and low resolution, but since the popular video hosting has changed beyond recognition. On it there are many new features, and most importantly, significantly increased the quality of the material being placed. Format 1080p now - the usual case, is gaining popularity and content with the frame rate of 60 fps. The last important step in the development of service can be considered to add to the announced back in January with support for panoramic video viewing angle up to 360 degrees. The first videos are already available in the web version of YouTube and the application for Android, and will soon appear in the application for iOS. However, while their small collection - affects a small prevalence of specialized equipment for the shooting.

The main feature of panoramic video is that looking at them, the user can choose the direction of the "look". Appear on the screen it will be as if the operator turned the camera lens in the direction you have the viewer. On tablets and smartphones this manipulation can be done by turning directly to the device and the computer you want to use for this mouse. Of particular interest to innovation in YouTube expect to see among the owners points and virtual reality helmets. They are, in fact, the technology in the first place and calculated.

Shooting these clips now often engaged in outdoor enthusiasts and athletes extreme. For their records they use an array of multiple conventional cameras, or that much easier, a special camera, for example, Ricoh Theta or Kodak PixPro SP360. Now Google programmers are working on algorithms for load panoramic video to the service in order to make this process as quick and easy for users.


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