One Plus

OnePlus company announced the launch of an unmanned aircraft in next month. Smartphone maker also revealed details of its new flagship - OnePlus Two.

OnePlus - Chinese startup company, famous for Android-Smartphone OnePlus One, launched in 2014. The device is to offer our customers a unique design, the "high" performance and an affordable price.

As long as this time, the company managed to acquire fans who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of the next flagship smartphone OnePlus Two, whose release is expected in the third quarter of 2015.

During the recent events Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) the company's management to share some details about its new phone. In  mobile device willn't be removable battery, as well as support for microSD - what many Android-users may be dissatisfied. It is reported that the smartphone OnePlus Two "will be different, including the price." Seemapparently, it will cost much more expensive than the original.

Earlier this month, the company released a teaser image of a forthcoming product with the slogan "You control» («You're in control»). Many media outlets, including the IBTimes, suggested that OnePlus going to release a game controller for Android-devices. However, during Reddit AMA representative OnePlus dispelled the rumors, saying that it will be a drone - an unmanned aerial vehicle. He has even given a number - DR-1.

In addition OnePlus smartphone also offers portable power pack. So, slowly company creates an ecosystem of connected devices that are managed using The smartphone. Such a strategy adopted by the other Chinese company, whose name has long everyone's lips - Xiaomi.



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