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Streaming clients, VR Goggles, Steam Boxes, all must finally come to the end of the year by Valve on the market. The operator of gaming platform steam pland a general attack on the console manufacturers.

In November, the multiple shifted Steam Boxes come on the market, which can be starts just as easy as the TV on the console Steam games. According to velve, the best equipment should start at about 400 euros, compared to Xbox One and PS4 but Bring a higher power.

Underpinning the Steam Boxes of  cheap streaming box call Steam link, for just $ 50 the small box receives steams from the PC to the same LAN. Giving the game at 1080p and 60 Hz from very low latency on televison. A revised version of the steam-controller should also come at the same times for $50 in the Stores.

Virtual Reality Valve
Vive (VR Goggles)
Together with HTC, Valve is developing a VR Goggles called Vive. These use a specially developed tracking system called Lighthouse, which is to detect the spatial position of the glasses and other input devices accurately. The technique of Lighthouse (apparently a kind of 3D camera) will provide other manufacturers free of charge so that they can implement in monitors, headsets, controllers and mobile sensors Valve. The steam controller should already support the Lighthouse tracking.

Valve wants to deliver development kits for Vive in spring and deliver finished consumer glasses to the end of the year. A price not called the company.

In addition to the hardware announcements Valve also announced new software in the luggage. The new Source Engine 2 is to support the OpenGL successor volcano. With the new version of the game engine hobby as well as professional developers are particularly easy to create their games and additional content. Valve wants to distribute free of charge.


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How about a cheap speaker for playing game?

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