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Hi guy... i have a good news from Sony.....
At the conference, GDC. President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida gave an interview to GameSpot, which talked about upcoming games for the virtual reality helmet Project Morpheus.

He said, "many of our studios are currently working on projects for Morpheus. So far, we have not talked about them too much. We are waiting for a more appropriate time for this. Most likely, we will start at E3 this year."

In additional to these mysterious game, according to Yoshida,  Sony Studio in Japan and London working on new demonstation projects that show the power of Virtual Reality helmet as a gaming platform.

VR Project Morpheus2

Yoshida added that "very excited" these games, but much more interest in his cause projects that he does not know. "I'm waiting for the moment when the studio developer, now may not even exist, present something quite incredible. We already have a lot of experience to run multiple platforms, and be sure there is someone unknown who offers unique impressive ideas "- he added.

 Talking about the cost of the final version of Morpheus, SWS president could not give exact figures, but Sony will try to sell the helmet to the lowest possible price. His "filling" compared to the current version will not change, and the release is scheduled for the first half of next year.


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