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Hi guys.. i have a news from Microsoft again.. before it i was share about MIcrosoft and Pay-Me Launching a New Credit Card Reader.. now, lets see what i share now...

Microsoft has plans to release a version of the voice assistant Cortina for mobile operating systems Androin and iOS. At least, reported by Reuters, citing information from "knowledgeable person".

Assistant Cortina to "Artificial intelligence" id noe funtional on the platform Windows Phone. The work program is based on a wide variety of structured data services such as Bing, Foursquare and others.

The main task of Cortina - to simplify yhe user's life... for example, as assistant will help you find the right information, remind about upcoming meetings (if allowed access to personal data), will report on the situation on the roads and so forth.

Voice Assistant Cortina will be integrated into the latest operating system Windows 10. Since many users Windows-based computers are owners of mobile devices on Android and iOS, Microsoft's interest to these mobile platforms is quite understandable.

It is reported that after integration in Windows 10 assistant Cortina will be released as a separate app for Android and iOS, amounting to these operating systems compute with Google Now and Siri. It will happen, apparently, in the late autumn or the end of this year.

In addition, it is reported that Microsoft intends to extend the functionality of the voice assistant, using th operating time of the project participants Einstein on the development of artificial inteligence tecnologies. In particular, Cortina will be able to "understand" e-mails.


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