Trio Apple Watch

Start receiving pre-orders for Apple Watch a success. For a few minutes (less than six hours!) The most nimble consumers dismantled everything that was ready to be delivered in late April, the rest to get the gadget will have to wait at least a month.

According to press reports, the waiting time Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch in stainless steel now is 4 to 6 weeks, and shipping Apple Watch Edition and all scheduled only for June-August (in addition, the elite accessory will be available not in all stores). While sales (receiving pre-orders), the long-awaited device started only in the first wave, all other regions will wait even longer a novelty.

Thats Recall for the first time the device was presented to the public in the fall, so the expectation, and the truth, podzatyanul and users attracted chic advertising (which, by the way, at Apple spent $ 38 million), already very intrigued and willing as possible will hold a smart clock in his hands.

Probably, Apple faced with increased demand, which can not be met because of problems at work (rumors of this walk for a long time, experts predicted it, and the vendor has expressed cautious fear). However, there is a view that in Cupertino deliberately limit the availability devaysa to spur interest in him, however, the approach is unlikely to benefit from the manufacturer, so that the first option is more likely.


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