Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

South Korean manufacturer Samsung introduced the Galaxy Blade edge - the world's first smart knife with functions of a smartphone. The device has all the features of the Galaxy S6, among them - the operating system Android, TouchWiz user interface and excellent camera, ready at any moment to photograph your delicious masterpiece. Incredibly sharp ceramic blade with diamond coating makes the new representative of the Galaxy an indispensable tool in the kitchen. In addition, this wonderful knife has a folding handle, which according to the customer can be made of unusually beautiful wood of olive wood, ceramic, stainless steel or mammoth tusk.

Thanks to Samsung Knox use Blade edge is always safe. Finger detection mechanism prevents cuts a knife blade, and antiviral protection warns the user about detection of unwanted microbes in the ingredients, the site says

In addition, the Galaxy Blade is protected against water and meets the requirements of fire safety. The package also includes a stylus, which, in addition to its primary function, can be used as a thermometer or probe. Especially for Galaxy Blade edge Samsung engineers developed drive Ultra 4D Curved Flash, Smart which knife is used as the main memory.

The company is confident in the success of Galaxy Blade edge. The device is positioned as the perfect kitchen tool for advanced chefs who follow the novelties of the mobile industry. Now there is no need to buy separately smartphone and a kitchen knife. All this is in the Galaxy Blade edge. Information about price and date of commencement of sales is missing.


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