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Last year, Google introduced Android-application support its line of computers Chromebook, which are an inexpensive alternative to the usual Windows PC. Since the announcement of several popular applications have appeared in the Chrome Web Store, among them Duolingo, Vine and Flipboard. But until now, the number of applications carried over to the computer platform of the giant's search, has been very limited. To the platform Chrome OS come such popular applications like VLC, the company at a special event to announce the opening of the program ARC, which was previously available only to some, for all developers. This will accelerate the growth in the number of applications in the Chrome Web Store.

As the resource BetaNews, at last year's developer conference was presented Wednesday «App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)», enabling your-based Chrome OS Android-apps almost as a family, through the built Dalvik VM.

But since then, only about thirty-Android-applications become compatible with laptops based on Chrome OS. ARC discovery program for all developers, Google allows them to test their application and see whether they are suitable to computer format. Until now, mobile applications on a computer platform transferred slowly. But now that all developers will be able to take advantage of the ARC, you can at least hope that the choice of software to Chrome Web Store to expand significantly.

When this work is done, developers can host their applications on Chrome Web Store. In this manifest difference between "Chromebooks" from computers running Windows and MacBook, which to launch Android-applications require third-party software. Run thus cause the application crashes and do not create a good impression among users.

This means that "Chromebooks", which will be available for a myriad of applications that may eventually become no less popular than PC based on Windows. After all, the main advantage of any operating system is to select the software for it.

If we talk about mobile platforms, the richest choice of software is available for Android and iOS. In the world of laptops and desktops such place is Microsoft Windows. "Chromebooks" is now relatively little known, despite the widespread mobile OS developed by the same company Google. But they are now and have all the features that are required for most notebook users.

Do you think there will expand distribution of "Chromebooks" after they become available for Android-app?


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