Well-known all over the world manufacturer of processors for mobile devices and the lower mid-market, the company MediaTek earlier this month announced a new line of chips Helio, which are designed for smartphones, tablets and other devices middle and upper class.

One of the first processor in this line will be Helio X10, which is a system on chip, equipped with 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53. But it seems that the MediaTek said eight-chips already passed stage and plans to move to a more powerful processor.

The network has information that the processor Helio X20, belongs to the same line will already have 10 cores, which will allow it, in particular, in the test for performance AnTuTu provide results in 70 000 points.

Interesting and promising news, is not it? But it is not necessary, firstly forget that results in tests do not always reflect the performance of the devices in real life, and that this information came not from official sources.

The new chips MediaTek is scheduled for release at the end of this, in 2015, and it seems that before the appearance of the first devices on the market, made on their basis, we met a lot of data leakage, that the same is to represent these processors.


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