LG G4 Camera

Not a day without news of another is not to present the flagship of the South Korean manufacturer. It can be seen that the LG try as follow whet interest in the new flagship, the presentation of which, we recall, is scheduled for 28 of April .

We recently wrote about the screen, which expected to be equipped with a smart phone, before we have tried to collect as much information that is presented on the internet, and yesterday you were able to get acquainted with the new interface from LG.

Today we have hinted at the camera, which will be equipped with flagship. Of course, a little less information than just a little bit. But we already know that the aperture will be F1.8. By the way, if we look at the camera competitor - Samsung Galaxy S6, a review of which you can read here and here she is aperture of F1.9.

Also, like the flagship will be equipped with a sensor of 20 megapixels. By the way, render the "eye" of the camera is much more than the LG G3.

Well, we can not deny the obvious. LG has worked very hard over the leader and are confident that it will show on April 28th.


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