Once we have been told that the engineers at Iowa State University have developed a method to identify the user on his style of typing on the keyboard. It seems that this technology is not only interested in them. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed an innovative keyboard also able to identify the user by the way he uses this device. The main purpose of this technique is to identify the user without a password. Once a person begins to enter text, the keyboard with the help of special software will be able to identify him and give access to the system. This identification method is considered more reliable than conventional passwords, which can be quite easily stolen by hackers.

As the resource Gizmag, in the keyboard are four layers of transparent film, through which the device can not only understand the key pressed or depressed, but also to determine the degree of depression. Due to this, the system can more accurately identify the user and to minimize the number of false positives.

In addition, an innovative keyboard provides another interesting opportunity. It is reported that the device does not require an external power supply for its operation. Thanks to the special elements of all the energy it generates during pressing. The amount of energy produced will be enough for the keyboard and its interaction with the computer using Bluetooth.

Also, the creators have reported that due to the use of films for recording keystrokes devoid of classical moving parts, enabling it to stay longer in working order. At the same time, even if you spill liquid on it, it will be easy to wipe off with a dry cloth.


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