Tok Tok Amplifier

TOK TOK Company has created an environmentally friendly way to enhance the sound of your smartphone with natural materials. Developers have created a wooden amplifier called Trobla, which can be used as with smartphones based on Android, as well as with the iPhone. Currently, developers have launched a campaign to raise funds for the production of the device on Kickstarter and hope to raise $ 10.700. Trobla is a versatile accessory and is suitable for most smartphones that are already available on the market or will be available in the future.

The amplifier is designed for smartphones, the dynamics of which are located in the lower part of the body. Due to the fact that the device consists of detachable parts, it can always be adapted to the changing external new phone models.

    "We often use our smart phones to play music, but low-power built-in speakers allow not enjoy the sound in any room. We like work with wood, so we decided to create an amp to work that does not require any one electronic component."

"Translated from Slovenian language Trobla means" horn "and we want to play with the device is the best sound that may make the horn. The secret lies in the fact that the sound of the smartphone through the amplifier passed smoothly. Therefore, we used a cone shape that to tone remained clear, and create a dedicated space to enhance Stereophonic and bass. "


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