PS4 with VR headset for Diving

Now you do not have to interrupt your favorite video game, to the swimming pool. You can continue gameplay, already being under water, just wearing on his head a new virtual reality goggles PlayStation Flow, developed by engineers from Sony units PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology (abbreviated as P-Wet). Gadget Pflow surely will appeal to fans of the video games that can not live without at least once a day to dive under the water.

«PlayStation Flow combines games for PS4 and swimming in real time. When you get to the point of the game The Last of Us, in which the character Joel must dive under the water, you can press the pause button, go to the nearest pool, put on a headset Pflow and continue playing right under the water. With feelings of diving, the game will be felt the most realistic, and it is to this we are committed - to give players a whole new gaming experience. "

New game sensor consists of virtual reality glasses and several sensors that are mounted on the arms and legs of the user. The sensors are fully waterproof, so do not worry about that water can harm them.

Also, Sony has introduced a portable station for drying the body after you've finished swimming in a pool. The station is called PlayStation Flow Body Dryer and it can dry your body for a few seconds with a powerful stream of warm air. Very handy device when you need to return to your favorite gaming console as soon as possible to continue the game from the point where you left off.

You can see everything with my own eyes in the official video released shortly.


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