Eartquake Sensor

One of the most dangerous and devastating types of disaster is an earthquake. Fortunately, mankind has technologies that can warn about the threat of this kind, but these detection systems are very expensive to design and maintain. Besides these, there is also a "natural development" - are all well aware of the unusual behavior when approaching earthquake friends such person as dogs, cats, parrots and even fish. In the XXI century in the company arrived, the man became friends with their smartphone, so much so that they are now almost inseparable. So why not learn a new friend to warn about the danger?

According to Phonearena, a group of scientists published a report stating that the technology contained in our smarfton already enough to create a special system kraudfandingovuyu early detection of earthquakes.

More than a billion smartphone users around the world have long can collect the data needed for the analysis of the central nervous system. It's enough of our usual modules, such as GPS, accelerometer and data transmission in which the device will be able to detect weak tremors preceding the stronger, and notify the population. Naturally, for industrial seismic sensors billion - is virtually unattainable number. But the number of smart phones will only grow.

In particular, the researchers analyzed data from 460 seismic sensors in 2011 during an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean tsunami that struck the Japanese Tohoku region. To comply with the data that could provide conventional smartphones, they were subjected to a special filtering. As a result, it was found that an accurate reading of the earthquakes could be recorded for about 77 seconds after the first tremors. Quite a good result, considering such a small sample.

It is reported that the fundamentals of the technology already in use. But the problem is in the amount of incoming data from which to sift evidence less precision instruments, as well as in the definition of false alarms.

The next step of research will be the implementation of a pilot project in Chile, where it will be deployed early warning system for earthquakes, sensors which will serve as ordinary commercial vehicles. That is, they will not be used as smartphones, they will perform only the role of sensors that will be the first step toward understanding how to really work with these devices are actually used.

Smartphones routinely perform dozens of tasks that are important for each individual user. However, they also have long found application in cloud computing to help in a variety of scientific or medical research. And in the future, as we see, they may be able to prevent and tragedy.


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