Safe and quality food at the same time becoming more and more important in modern AV-system: it is subject to interference from included in the same grid of powerful consumers, switching power supplies, interference and other adverse factors. At best, it threatens the deteriorating sound and video quality. And if an expensive device designed to work exclusively in the hothouse environment of European energy networks, just burn ?!

Engineers Barnsly Sound Organization, have a great experience in dealing with the consequences of such cases had an excellent opportunity to assess the scale of the problem and the most vulnerable places with modern audio-video equipment. The result was the emergence of a new line of devices under the brand Powergrip, and the "first swallow" - console, designed to meet the challenge of the AV-quality power supply system.

Familiarity with local realities helped our engineers, based on the popular console power Belkin PF50 and finalize it both electrically and functionally, to create a model Powergrip YG-1 model . The new device reliably protects components from high voltage, power surges and various interference. And, importantly, our specialists for good sound actively participated in the development of the console on a par with the engineers to get the product was completely neutral and does not have a negative impact on the image and sound. And they got it! And unlike other similar devices, the impressive metal housing Powergrip console will look harmonious in combination with the components of any system.

In addition, the new model is able to make life easier for its owner, indicating the correct phasing of connected components, allowing you to quickly charge two USB-device or by being included in the smart home system, the control signals from the flip-flops 12 B. Thus, with the products you are not only Powergrip Protect your equipment from the harmful effects of the environment, but also, and bring your system to a new level and in sound and ease of use! Console PowergripYG-1 are on sale now for a suggested retail price of 59,990 rubles.


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