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Even though quickly open the app Galaxy S6 has not yet received the mass distribution, and the network has already appeared speculation about what will be the next version, Galaxy S7. Hasan Kaymak famous designer presented his own idea of ​​how to look Galaxy S7. Of course, the audience will not see this phone is still about a year, but the designer gave an excellent reason to try to look into the day to come. Dreams for the future are human, and high technology have long ceased to be purely engineering topic, including appearing in culture and art.

Resource Valuewalk not only published the images, but also considered some interesting thoughts on Galaxy S7. This is not a forecast or even rumors, it dreams and creativity, which are no less interesting to modern man than dry facts and technical characteristics of the devices already present.

To compete with the iPhone 7, which will be presented in either 2015 or in 2016, the South Korean company Samsung will have to make every effort to make the audience a good impression.


Designer Hasan Kaymak last showed interest primarily to devices HTC, but this time he turned his attention to the device Samsung, which is expected in 2016.

He created a unique collection of images on the theme of how in his imagination could be a Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S6 already done considerable work in improving the design of its devices. Earlier, a series of Galaxy S devices are often criticized by both users and reviewers for their "plastic", and Samsung has decided to move away from the plastic housing.

Kaymak designer believes that the process of breaking up with "plastic past" will continue in the Galaxy S7. Kaymak believes that Samsung should remove the glass from the design of the smartphone and replace it with a polished aluminum. Eventually get a very attractive aluminum smartphone, giving the impression of integrity and lack of joints on the body.

It is noteworthy that Kaymak included in his design of two front speakers. It is in this artist sees Galaxy S7. And this kind of advice the South Korean company, which is to give a new phone more advanced music playback. In this respect, Apple has the advantage that is provided by the company's iTunes, occupying an incredibly strong position in the market.

Apart from the two images, which show the golden phones, Hassan also presented a more conservative vision version of its flagship smartphone, the main color of which is black. Find whether the elements of the design application in reality or not is hard to say. In any case, all-metal body is incredibly attractive. Design Galaxy S6 is regarded as one of his best features.

Technical characteristics

In addition to images showing design assumptions were also made with regard to what could be technical specifications Galaxy S7. It is assumed that the Galaxy S7 will be based on a true eight-processor. Galaxy S6 considered an eight, but actually based on two quad-core processors running at different clock speeds.

At Galaxy S7 is 6 gigabytes of RAM, which is twice more than the Galaxy S6 (3 GB). But this forecast is too optimistic. It is more likely that Samsung will increase the amount of RAM significantly, though not as much - up to 4 gigabytes.

Most likely, Samsung and further in the upcoming Galaxy S7, will use its own processors and chip technology. In Galaxy S6 already used the company's own processor, called Exynos, and consumers expect that this trend will continue in the Galaxy S7.

A number of rumors indicate that the camera Galaxy S7 will be 30 mega-pixel, which in combination with a resolution of 4K-screen smartphone that will make his amazing device. If this phone and really will be in stores in 2016, it is likely that it will become a bestseller. However, by that time, even a 50-megapixel camera can cease to amaze the audience moved from the sphere of dreams in everyday reality.

Do you like the design of Galaxy S7, proposed by Hassan clotted cream? Or do you see this smartphone anyway? Should Samsung to abandon the use of glass as a material body, or is it, on the contrary, gives devaysu style and special elegance?


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