Apple TV

There are several products that we expect an update from Apple for quite some time, such as the iPod players or set-top box Apple TV. If the fate of the players seem quite sad, then around the consoles at least go some rumors. The last of them point to the announcement of the new Apple TV set-top boxes within the WWDC this year. What may surprise novelty? Advanced controller app store, games, new television service? It is believed that anything but just do not support 4K-video.

BuzzFeed, citing its own sources familiar with the matter, reported that the Apple's n't have any plans for the next version of the theme of equipment set-top box support for 4K-video. According to them, the technology is still in its "infancy" and not enough televisions and content in supporting such a high resolution. But there were reasons to believe otherwise.

Of course, with a strong desire to buy a 4K-TV can even today, and that's what we'll look at them - this is a good question. When it comes to Apple TV, we mean streaming video and streaming today 4K-video not found. From this point of view, such a move Apple seems rational, but given the refresh rate set-top boxes, perhaps we should consider a few years ahead.


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