Nintendo released new game console already in 2016 - The rumors hovering around a new home gaming console Nintendo, are beginning to take shape. Previous console of the Japanese company Wii U, available for sale in late 2012, faced a number of challenges, not let her win a big chunk of the market. As a result, today's console market leader Sony unconditionally with its PlayStation 4, and right behind her in the standings, Microsoft has settled with its Xbox One. According to rumors, Nintendo has decided to artificially reduce the life cycle of the Wii U, and to release a completely new platform.
During the three years of the Nintendo Wii U has sold about 11 million consoles. For comparison: Microsoft took just two years to sell 15.6 million consoles and PlayStation 4 during the same period has sold 30.2 million boxes. Guide Nintendo understands that the situation urgently needs to be corrected, as the user base growth declined significantly under pressure from competitors and in the absence of support from major game publishers, who simply do not want to release their games on the console, which sold poorly.
This is not to say that the Wii U - is a bad platform. Not at all. This prefix - a real gift for the whole family. There are many different colorful platformer for kids, adventure, RPG and horror films for adults, sports for keeping yourself in good physical shape, and much, much more. But the Wii U hardware is hardly comparable with filling PS4 and Xbox One, which complicates the issue of platform games such as GTA V or updated The Witcher 3. played its role slurred presentation console in 2011, when the world showed a controller with a built- display, but nothing really explained, because of what many felt that this kind of add-on to the console Nintendo Wii.
Of course, three years - a very short life cycle for any console, but the other way at Nintendo, but to announce a new gaming platform is now simply does not. We must admit our mistakes and continue to move forward. If you believe the information provided by insiders reporters portal Digitimes, the new console, codenamed NX, will go on sale during the second quarter of 2016. A production of set-top boxes will be occupied by a Chinese company Foxconn. The console will use components from various manufacturers, among which, in addition to Foxconn Technology, listed as Macronix, Pixart Imaging, Coxon Precise Industrial, Nishoku Technology, Delta Technology, Lingsen Precision Industries and Jentech.
For one only in 2016 Nintendo plans to produce and ship to retailers around the world about 20 million of its new consoles that will be very difficult, given that the world economic situation is poor, and the market is already oversaturated with various consoles and video games. Even the suppliers of components for a future console prefer to mentally divide these numbers by two, it seems that the shipment NX will not exceed 10-12 million boxes. Of course, all these judgments are unofficial and get confirmation from representatives Foxconn reporters failed. But in truth they definitely have. For comparison: in the first year it was shipped to stores 13 million Xbox One and 18 million PS4.
As for the future console, many analysts agree that it will combine the fixed system unit and a mobile device that is at home will play the role of controller, and allows outdoor play games remotely from the main system. A kind of hybrid of fixed and handheld console. Considering that the console will be produced at the Chinese factory in the first quarter of 2016, very soon we'll know these rumors are true or not. Official information from Nintendo's press did not arrive yet.


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