Amazon Showed the New Drone Deliverer - Amazon has repeatedly stated that it wants to use a mobile air drones to deliver goods to customers. Development continues and the company recently posted a Web video with the presentation of the latest design of the aircraft, designed to deliver the right product to customers in less than 30 minutes. Interestingly, the video presentation had former host of the popular television program Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson.

The new drone, which will become part of the Prime Air Delivery, turned out larger than the previous version. This new design of the flying means gives him a number of advantages. For example, the goods delivered are now loaded into the drone, and landing on the place of delivery "bombarding" them to the buyer. Unlike previous drone, which was quadrocopters, it has a new hybrid design that combines the vertical takeoff and horizontal flight by the lifting and pushing screws.

Amazon is not a detailed information about his drone, but reports that the machine is capable of flying at an altitude of 122 meters at a speed of about 88 km / h. Flight distance in this case is 24 kilometers. It is equipped with various sensors that allow to overcome various obstacles and how to navigate in space during the flight and during takeoff and landing.

In order to protect the buyer against theft of delivered goods, Amazon will send a message when the drone will be closer to the place of delivery. After arriving at the destination machine will go into a vertical flight mode, conduct visual analysis of the area for the presence of obstacles, and then embark on a marker according to the buyer's shipping address. After unloading, the drone will immediately go back to the base.

Amazon says that in fact created several haul drones, according to the conditions in which they are used.

The company has not indicated when the program Prime Air Delivery will start their commercial application, but this is not surprising. The final specifications are still being finalized machine, you also need to get approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. And if the first is simple, then the second will take some time to get all the relevant papers and certificates.


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