The problem for any company that seeks to success in the market, is to coat their products as many segments. Are no exception headphone manufacturers such as German Maestro. I have considered their average model GMP-250, it's time to discuss the budget segment and in the face of 3CAN 116H.
Actually, the development of low-end model at GM did not ponder too much and did everything just utilitarian. Firstly, this model was made by invoice for ease of use "on the fly", and secondly, the design was decorated with red ornaments, thirdly, the sound was revised dominance LF, which is usually not enough in the street.
Thus, these headphones - a typical "youth" version, offering about the same as that of other manufacturers, only cheaper and better sound.
Price lists, fortunately, the company made available, at the time of purchase 3CAN Article 116 version without a microphone can be 3500 rubles, and with a microphone - over 3800.


Acoustic design: Closed, overhead
Radiators: dynamic
Frequency range: 6 Hz - 26 kHz (-10 dB)
Nominal Impedance: 16Ω
Total harmonic distortion: 0.06% @ 1 mW
Sound pressure level: 97 dB @ 1 mW
The average power of 100 mW
Pressing force: 5 H
Weight without cable: 133 g
Cable: not interchangeable with condenser microphone, 1.1 m
Plug: 3.5 mm TRRS, gold plated
Packaging and delivery
The design of the box, developers have moved away from a strict bit older versions of cardboard and made more catchy packaging with plastic window that allows to evaluate the appearance of the headphones before purchasing. Inside 3CAN 116 secured to the T-shaped carton retainer, concealing as simple accessory kit consisting of instructions and cloth bags with ties to store headphones.
Options certainly not rich, but headphones cost, so expect some "luxuries" is not necessary.Design and comfort
In appearance, the headphones is also quite simple. Of all the materials German Maestro prefer ABS-plastic, is no exception and this budget modification. The discreet combination of conventional plastic and soft-touch, low-key elements in red - all this creates the effect of a very low-key design. To dilute it a bit on the cup caused patterns and model name. The entire design is subject to the same goal - the practicality and durability of headphones designed for active everyday use, and the developers have done everything to make this model served as long as possible. The build quality is quite good, notable problems and no flaws.

Functional design headphones also made as simple as possible - the usual symmetrical fork, adjusting the size of the headband using the ratchet, no surprises. The plates are rotated around two axes, if necessary, they can be rotated 90 ° for comfortable wearing headphones around his neck.
Ear pads and headband are made of the conventional synthetic leather, they are quite soft. The stock size at 3CAN good, so the headphones without any problems fit almost everyone. Clamp small, so soundproofing average. On the other hand, wear them comfortable enough.
Cable removable, red, suitable for one cup. He braided cloth, which provides it with protection against abrasion and cold. There is a model of headphones with a headset.Sound
To listen to the following equipment:

NuPrime DAC-10H and Resonessence Labs Concero HP as DAC and amplifier
Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 as a source of
Fidelia as a player
Fiio X5-2 and Cayin N6 as portable players
GMP-250 and Philips Fidelio X1 headphones as compared
Record high-definition Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc, etc.)
Before listening to every earphones were warmed for 72 hours.
At the sound of the developers have decided to make almost a win-win bet on the bass, because few people buy portable overhead headphones for listening to at home in a relaxed atmosphere, and to listen to the nuances of neutral and detailed sound in the background ambient noise on the street - is unlikely anyone would. In addition, it is best to low-frequency noise penetrates through the insulation and headphones mutes the bass in music. Thus, 3CAN turned clearly audiophile model, and although this can not be expected in view of their price.
Basa these headphones a lot. Of course, not as much as in the models for baskhedov, and controlled it better, but the LF here is much larger than the typical balanced headphones. Resolution LF average, which is not bad for a budget model, the depth of slightly above average, although the emphasis is traditionally placed on the midbass. In genres such as pop music, electronics and the speed of a simple rock bass is enough for high-speed and brutal style these headphones fit smaller because of the low stall in a heap.
Midrange headphones in general pretty good, but, as in most of the low-oriented models, suffers from bass creeps him. In compositions with restrained bass headphones show a good resolution for its price MF, transmitting and emotions, and character tools. There is a small plaque on the artificiality of the upper midrange, but, again, for this category is in fact the norm. Because of the dominance of the bass scene is small in both width and depth.
The high frequency range is emphasized slightly to compensate for the bass, but without any excesses. RF heard, but pulls the attention against the backdrop of the low, their resolution is not high, but for everyday street-wear headphones that is not required. Sharpness HF this model moderate, though very very unsuccessful sources with emphasis sibilance, may have to face, even though it will have to try. 

CompatibilityHeadphones show themselves quite well with simple sources such as smartphones and tablets, a top player in the long run they did not need. Genre headphones tend to be just a style, it does not imply a high-speed feeding bass: electronic dance music, pop, soft rock, and so on. N. Something more complicated in them, of course, you can listen to, but a special quality is not expected. The quality of the recording 3CAN 116 totally uncritical as any headphones that have a noticeable color in the sound.
Quality microphone - normal interlocutor hears you well.Traditionally, multiple tracks-examples
Juno Reactor - Navras. Of course, JR wrote is not very simple music, and even Navras, which became the soundtrack to the final part of "The Matrix" - and should be considered as one of the pinnacles of their creativity. However 3CAN 116 cope with this track quite pleasant, primarily due to underscoring the LF range.
Sting - Fields of Gold. Do I need to specifically represent Sting? His music is simple enough to play well even with bass headphones like these, but it is quite complicated to obtain from the aesthetic enjoyment.
Billy Idol - Mony Mony. Playful and drayvovaya song that many have heard, but not everyone knows its author. These simple songs - as well show the capabilities of this model, while not sticking out its shortcomings.

In general, German Maestro wanted to create a "youth" headphones, they did. Surface form factor, low price, practicality and bass sound - that value in such models. For lovers of classical music, these headphones will not work, but they clearly were not the target audience for this model.


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