Data analysis of Japan's largest consulting IT-company Nomura Research Institute (NRI) led Yumi Vaca has shown that in the next the next 20 years nearly half of the jobs in Japan can be occupied by robots. 

After working with the University of Oxford Professor Michael Osborne, who carried out a similar study in the United States and the United Kingdom, a team of researchers from the NRI has studied more than 600 different professions.

"We found that up to 49 percent of the work tasks that are currently performed by man, can be passed on to computer systems" - says Vaca. 

The team studied the way in which, depending on the required creativity, or that the profession can be automated. Scientists have found that the task of providing customer support, delivery of goods and food, as well as agricultural production most susceptible to computerization. The least prone to full automation, in turn, proved to be the sphere of education, literary works, as well as medicine. Most likely, people with careers in these areas is less likely to worry about that in the near future they will be replaced by robots. 

Whatever it was, the results of NRI were higher than the figures shown associated with working areas in the United States (47 percent of the jobs can be replaced by robots) and the UK (35 per cent of the workers can be replaced by robots).

"Do not take too seriously the analysis. This is only a hypothetical calculation. They do not take into account the social aspects, "- says Vaca. 

As for the Japanese themselves, that the statistics show that people are more or less comfortable with the upcoming computer and robotehnicheskoy revolution, believing that it would reduce the economic pressure on the rapidly aging population and at the same time frees many people from uninteresting work, allowing engage in more creative (and more profitable) activities.


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