Strategy Implementation
Framework Strategy Implementation

From my opinion this strategy should be applied in stable environtment because we know that stable environment just need stable strategy. After the strategy we implement the management controls that need to control the activity of company, so the company run effectively with efficient cost. Organization structure and culture that implement in this environtment always change because of the culture that need a new people to apply strategy to be efficient. Human resource management in company also have to adjust with the strategy to increase the performance of the company. All of this implementation is connected to one and another that means if one implementation of the mechanism such as management controls the other implementations such as culture of the company could be change too.
Company Strategy Execution example:
Strategy that company make must based on issue that is the concern of the company. For example Sony  corporation get the effect because of new product that apple corp sale iphone 6 that is more futuristic product than the one that Sony corp sale. So the company must apply new strategy to increase the selling of the product that they made. For example there are two option. First, the product must decrease its price. Second, make the new product that is more futuristic and more sophisticated than the Apple corp product. Based on the meeting and stockholder decision Sony must decrease its price to increase the sale of the product. Based on this decision Sony corp must execute this option to compete in this rapidly change environment.

From my opinon all company that is listed in the market now applied Management Control System (MCS) to compete in this rapidly change environment. Because if they dont the company cannot compete in this competitive market. Technology always change and the implementation of effeciency of course should be change too.

By : Azmi Umar


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