Hello blogger mania... in this occasion, i want to give you a sample of Drama, "stones cry"....
lets check it out.....

In the Village, lived a family. They are a mother and 3 children. Their father’s already long past away them since 15 years ago. They have neighbor who always assits them in heppy although sorrow.

            One day, in the morning gergous, their neighbor bring a little cake to their home.

Sinta & Santy   : Assalamu’alaikum……
Mrs. Susi          : Waalaikum salam…. Whats wrong??
Sinta                : This be little cake from us..
Mrs. Susi          : Ow… thanks you…
Santy               : So that, we want to return to our home…
Mrs. Susi          : Don’t you come first while sit and drinking tea??
 Sinta & Santy : No thanks, we hurried. We still many business at home.
Mrs. Susi          : Okey.. be careful.. thanks for the cake.
Sinta & Santy   : You are welcome.. Assalamu’alaikum……
Mrs. Susi          : Waalaikum salam…

After accept the cake from Sinta and Santy, Mrs. Susi soon wake up the 3 children of her.

Mrs. Susi          : Harry, Sony, get up….
Harry & Sony : Yes mom…
Mrs. Susi          : Harry, please broom and four water over the yard and Sony, you find the firewood..
Harry & Sony  : Ok mom….
Mrs. Susi          : Gracia, wake up.. helpn mom to prepared  breakfast..
Gracia              : A….h. mom disturb me. I’m still sleepiness mom.. I tired..
Mrs. Susi          : Hey you! If I call you, you always denied me…
Gracia              : Up to you mom… I want to sleep..
Mrs. Susi          : It’s okey if you want it.

A hours letter

Sony                : Mom, this firewood….
Mrs. Susi          : Ok.. keep it there. After that, you help your brother to sweep the yard and
  watering the plants.
Sony                : Yes mom…
Gracia              : Mom…? I want to eat..??
Mrs. Susi          : Wait a moment, I want to cook rice first..
Gracia              : What? Why don’t you cook before??
Mrs. Susi          : Because your brothers has coming from take the firewood…

When noisy accord between Gracia with her mother, while outside the house, Santy and Sinta greeting to Sony ans Harry.

Sinta                : Hi Sony, Harry.. How are you?
Sony & Harry : we’re fine…

When the moment greet each other, suddenly Gracia come with expression who look so angry.

Gracia              : Sony, why do you late take the firewood??
Sony                 : Sorry, because not many branches of the tree who falled. So, I cut the branches
Santy               : Don’t you fed up your brother, because he is already difficult to find the firewood..
Gracia              : Why do you involved my family’s problem??

When occur broken lips each other, suddenly Mrs. Susi come..

Mrs. Susi          : what is this??
Gracia              : This mom.. Sinta and Santy talk about our family’s problem..
Mrs. Susi          : enough Gracia, let’s breakfast. Sinta, come on…
Sinta                : No, thanks…

After that, they are sit in dinning room.

Gracia              : Is it our menu?? I’m really-really boring..
Mrs. Susi          : We just have it to eat Gracia??
Harry               : Yes, mom doesn’t have some money to buy some food..
Sony                : Be patient Gracia.. We must thanks for all of this condition..
Gracia              : Oh… All of you make conspiration. I’m confious. I don’t want to eat..
                          I wanna go out.

Several minutes, Gracia go out and Mrs. Susi go to her badroom and see her ring was lost.

Mrs. Susi          : Sony, Harry, where is my ring?
Harry               : Oh.. I forget to tell you mom.. At last, I see Gracia wearing your ring, maybe she
  taking your ring?
Sony                : Are you sure??
Harry               : Yes.. I see that with my eyes…
Mrs. Susi          : If Gracia take it, does she think that, it is the only thing for me!!
Sony                : Be patient mom.. We hope, she will relieze that it’s wrong..

At Night, Gracia hasn’t come and Her mother wait her in front of the home and accidental Sinta & Santy come over Mrs. Susi.

Mrs. Susi          : Its 11 o’clock, but Gracia haven come yet. Sony and Harry are already sleep.
Sinta                : Why don’t you sleep Mrs. Susi?
Mrs. Susi          : I’m waiting Gracia.
Santy               : Why do you wait her anymore?
Mrs. Susi          : She hasn’t come to home. She also taking my ring. It’s the only one.
Sinta                : Be patient Mrs. Susi.
Santy               : We will go home. Assalamu’alaikum..
Mrs. Susi          : Wa’alaikum salam….

And after some hours, Gracia going home.

Mrs. Susi          : Where do you from?
Gracia              : Mom, you always want to know..
Mrs. Susi          : You look my ring??
Gracia              : No, what happen? ( with expression nervous ).
Mrs. Susi          : my ring is lost.
Gracia              : Maybe you forget where you put it..
Mrs. Susi          : okey… Go sleep now. It’s already night.

The next day.

Gracia              : Mom, mom.. Accompany me to the market with my brother because I want to buy
  some thing.
Mrs. Susi          : Ok…

After arrive in the market, Gracia meet with her friend. She say she want to buy some thing with her servant to her friend..

Sony                : Why do you say like that?? She is our mother, not our servant!!
Harry               : Yes. You don’t say like that!
Mrs. Susi          : No problem son..
Gracia              : Eh…! Please bring it.
Harry               : Hey Gracia, don’t ask mom to bring it. You must bring it alone.
Sony                : Yes. It’s yours..
Gracia              : Why you take care with me. If you want, bring it..
Sony                : Okey.. I will bring it.
Mrs. Susi          : No problem son, I can bring it by my self.
Gracia              : Much money please!

When  gracia get money, her mom so confuse and silent for a minute.

Gracia              : Where is the money??
Mrs. Susi          : Mom haven’t money..
Gracia              : You are lie!!
Mrs. Susi          : Astagfirullah… During the day mom was always patient to you. But, you always say
  in disagreement to me. I hope that the God always reward  from your conduct!!

Suddenly, the sky was thundering. The sky become black. At this time, Gracia’s body little to little become a stone and she always try to apologized to her mom..

Gracia              : Mom??? I’m sorry, I promise willn’t peat more…..

At the moment, Gracia’s body chance to the stone. But, her tear always flow. Her family and her neighbours was sad with gracia  who was become a stone….

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