Edward, Ifak, Dhalm is friend. They make an boyband. One day they talking about concert that to perform tomorrow.

 Ifak : heyyy,,,,we will cocert tomorrow, will we????
 Edward : sure,,,we must success tomorow!!.
 Ifak : and we must on time.
 Edward : no . but we may not lose time.
 Ifak : that is same. Stupid
Edward & Ifak : Dhaaalllmmmm!!!!!!
 Dhalm : what??? ( surprised)
 Ifak : why you so silent ?
 Edward : yes, why?? What happen with you??
 Dhalm : nothing , I am fearing . my feelling unwell.
 Edward :  Please slowly. All peaceful surely.

 Sudden Retno come.

Retno : hayyy all,,,,how are you??? What do you do here??  I   hear all of you tomorrow will concert ??? Where?? How with the preparation??what time o’clock?? surely  I will come with friends.
Edward,Ifak,Dhalm : fussy!!!!!

Retno silant and come 2 friends, Risya and Siti.

Siti : what happend with you??????
Retno : they are so arrogant. Tomorrow they will not safe. justly is See !!! ( angry)
 Risya :hmmmm.........(with holding Retno) don’t say like it Retno.thats too bad. How if waiting to become fact??
 Retno : I do not care. And this not your business!! ( go)

Risya silent fulminate.

 Siti : be patient,Risya. Hehehe........ let go to canteen??
 Risya : no!!, . I’m not hungry!!
 Siti : yahhh why they are angry?? ( going)

 The next day, arrive its time to their concert . Ifak have at one's place concert, but his friends not yet come. Then he is call Edward.

 Ifak : halo ... where are you ?? quickly. the concert have will start.
 Edward : halo......yes, we on the way. Wait for moment, we will arrive soon.
 Ifak : quickly,,,don’t be slowly riding the motorcycle.
 Sudden in front of the motorcycle there is a car and............
 Edward : carefully dhalm...... there is a car................BRAAAKKKKKKKKKK ( they are get accident and pass away)
 Ifak : halo.......halo......what happen?? Halo Edward................answer! ( panic)

 Siti, Risya and Retno  see that event,and  help them fastly.

 Retno : Dhalm......wake up.........wake up . are you oke??
 Risya : ( take her finger situation in nose and neck of Dhalm and of Edward). What??? This impossible . this impossible !!! ( weep)
 Siti and of Retno : impossible ! what do you mean??? what!!
 Risya : they are pass away. This is impossible . (cry)
 Retno : what? Yesterday Edward promise to invite me to eat together in this weekend.
Risya : hey you!! Don’t say that. This is bad situation , don’t say about meal. Let we bring to hospital as soon.
 Siti : yes,of course. before them become ghost.

Risya , Retno and siti lift corpse of Edward and Dhalm into car to be brought to hospital.
 Arrive the hospital Retno ask Siti call Ifak.

 Retno : Siti please inform  this news to Ifak, ask him to come to this place.
 Siti : yes......( taking hp exist in its pocket)
 Halo Ifak,, Edward and Dhalm got accident and they was die. Now still at home pain. Quickly to this place.
 Ifak : oh my God ......... I will go there soon. ( phone in killing)

 Next day, after the corpse was grave,, Retno, Risya , Siti and  Ifak gather somewhere.

 Ifak : I have never think they will go as soon as this. Nowadays nothing like my friend ( weeping )
 Siti : be patient Ifak. We there is still here to accompanies you.
 Risya : all these because Retno!!!!! ( showing face of Retno and fulminate).
 Retno : hah, why with me?? ( confuse).
 Risya : you say if they do not safe yesterday
 Retno : but........ that...........
 Risya : what??? If you say something , you must thing with your brain. Don’t use your knee( progressively fulminate)
 Siti : enough !!! maybe this is their destiny. Its better of us pray , we hope they will happy in their place.
 Ifak : let’s to go home !!

 They all return to their home.
One night at Risya’s home, she is an image Dhalm which she love.

 Risya : Dhalm.............. why do you walk off me. Forgive me , I have never to attention you. And you have to know that I also very love you. Oh my God, accept him beside you and make happy him. ( weeping )

 While at home Ifak .
Ifak : oh my God....why its happened?? Why they leave me alone. If they still here , I will embrace them . I love you all.
 Edward & Dhalm : I also.........( embracing Ifak )

Ifak do not realize Edward and Dhalm reside in to from other side him and embracing him. Ifak only feeling to oppress.
Ifak : What happen with me ? I feel that something embracing me. I do not care. I will sleep ( asleeply )

Because Ifak have sleeped, Edward and of Dhalm set mind on to go

 Ifak : Let go. He have sleeped.
 Edward : Let. It hot here there no AC

Edward and Dhalm go out and sit in front of Ifak’s house.

 Edward : Dhalm.....we have come to pocong. We cannot Concert with our boyband again
 Dhalm : yea. I’m so sad . Leaving them , especially leave my dear , Risya
 Edward : become pocong still thinking love....love.....and love.
 Dhalm : Let. You are is catty, isn’t it ?
 Edward : oh yea. By the way,, why our drees is batik. Usually white chromatic winding sheet. I surprise.
 Dhalm : yea. Maybe the winding sheet which is white chromatic have spend up. So we wear with batik.
 Edward : This designate that Indonesian people like us.  Viva Batik.
 Dhalm : so we are the pocong which is love Indonesia. Let go to Risya’s house.
 Edward : Oke
They go to house of Risya.
 In the journey....
 Edward : Dhalm, I very tired jump up and down to continue.
 Dhalm : yea. I also. Our feed is bunch.
 Edward : yea, so we cannot fly.
 Dhalm : Let to take a rest.
 Edward : Lets to end this story. I have very tired,, and look the angel call us to the grave. Good bye Ica, Siti, Retno and Ifak. I love you.
 Dhalm : Let’s go........

This is our performance drama. Thank you for your attention.


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